I am not sure if it is arrogance, ignorance or plain stupidity that makes some people think like this….or worse, say it….to those who live with PTSD.

And to those who do think this way, let me share this with you: THEY CAN’T

Why would someone think it anyway?

I get that there is a large number of people who really don’t understand PTSD and that maybe their way of expressing this is they unknowingly take on the ignorant persona and therefore believe someone can “Just get over it”.

But it astounds me when talking with PTSD victims to hear them say they have been to medical practitioners or other therapists who also tell them to “Just get over it”. These are people whom I would expect to have a solid understanding of Mental Health issues and to NEVER include these 4 words in their vocabulary.

If these words are considered a form of treatment, then I would say these practitioners and therapists are clearly the arrogant and plain stupid.

So why can’t they “Just get over it”…?

If you have not experienced PTSD then there is little chance you can even begin to grasp the concept of what it is like to live with it.

You may have experienced some trauma at one point that instantly catapulted you to a high state of fear and panic, but you were soon able to disconnect from that state and did not create any emotion that attached to the event.

You are one of the lucky ones.

Now, someone else may have experienced exactly the same trauma, and were launched into the same state of fear and panic as you.

But this person remained in that state. Unable to disconnect from it, and attached a lot of emotion to the event.

This person has, from that day, been living nearly every minute in that constant state of fear and panic. Wanting desperately to be rid of the terrifying thoughts, the flashbacks and the nightmares. Not understanding why this is happening. And absolutely no idea how to be free of it……as much as they try.

Their Unconscious Mind has completely programmed this constant thinking and believes it is keeping the person safe…. but is doing the complete opposite.

This person has PTSD……And they have no ability to “Just get over it”

Today there a several types of PTSD being diagnosed that have many different symptoms and require different levels of treatment. My example above is a very simple explanation that will hopefully give a basic level of understanding.

It needs to be more than just awareness

There is much talk nowadays about Mental Health Awareness. We are regularly hearing about the high levels of Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and others in society and how much of a problem it is.

Whilst it is much needed I feel that Awareness is not enough.

Those who have not lived with Mental Health issues need resources to help them understand what it is and how it really affects those who do live with it. When we all understand, we can all help in some way.

A project I have undertaken to help with this education and understanding is a podcast called The Thought Hackers where, together with my colleague Nathan, we interview people working in Mental Health and also people who share their journey of living with mental heath issues and now free from them.

I invite you to listen to our interviews and share with others.

By changing the way we think about Mental Health we can help those who suffer without expecting them to “Just get over it.”

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