The Effect Of Trauma


When the internal mechanism that protects us and keeps us safe is triggered by trauma, our natural instinct reaction of Fight or Flight is activated and it will empower us to do whatever it takes to again be safe. It is a completely normal response to intense

If becoming safe is the outcome achieved, we are then able to reset that mechanism and release the heightened state of Fight or Flight.

For most, this just happens, and life returns to normal.

Yet, for many others, this heightened state cannot be released. The panic and fear that were activated from the onset of the trauma are now permanently hard wired and programmed into the brain resulting in a feedback loop from that trauma.

What Is FTRM..?

FTRM is a unique neurological solution that will end the loop that is keeping you connected to the trauma.

It is a fast and highly effective 3 stage process derived from Eriksonian Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) that works at an Unconscious level, the place where the emotions and programs connected to trauma are stored.