How many times have you thought of doing something different?

Doing something you have never done before to achieve an outcome that you really desire?

Something that could make a significant difference in your life.

But when you start to think about how you are going to do it, you freeze. All the “What …..?” questions kick in.

“What if I fail?”

“What will it cost me? Financially, Emotionally, Time….”

“What will others think of me?”

“What will I become?

So you throw the idea into the “Another Lost Dream” basket, and stay right where you are.

“Whew…..That was scary. But I’m safe again now!”

Be warned…..This is your Comfort Zone.

What Happens In My Comfort Zone?

Well, you certainly won’t be alone. This is where about 90% of the population hang-out. Including all the Naysayers who were going to judge you, and tell you “You couldn’t do that….Don’t be stupid!”.

If you stay here, you will just be ‘Getting By’ in life. You will continue to settle for less. You will have fear when opportunities come up. You may even experience varying levels of depression.

You may well tell yourself, “If most people live here, then it must be the safest place to be!”

That’s fine if that’s the life you choose. Stop reading now and get on with it.

How Do I Get Out Of My Comfort Zone?

Simple. You make a choice. Like those that stopped reading at the last paragraph (but in the other direction). First, choose NOT to live within the boundaries of your Comfort Zone. Second, choose what it is you DO WANT instead.

What are the outcomes you desire? The specific goals.

Plan the steps to achieve these goals, then start to take MASSIVE ACTION.

Again, sounds simple. But it won’t be. You are going to be doing things you have never done before, and this is certain, as you will be getting things you have never had before. There may well be risk, and there will definitely be fear.

This I could talk about for a very long time. But I won’t keep you here long.

You have 2 two choices:

1/ Do it alone. If you believe you can……..Then go for it.

2/ Get Coached. Nearly all successful people have a coach. To get rid of any blocks. To manage the fear. To set a clear path. To be held accountable. And to get support. Their results are proof.

What Happens On The Other Side Of My Comfort Zone?

This is where the Magic happens. You have probably heard that before, but it is true.

You will find things in you that you never knew you had, nor ever dreamed were possible. You will find courage, confidence, and fulfilment….among others.

Depending on what you chose to do to get here, you may find wealth, financial freedom and a lifestyle you have always wanted.

This is where your dreams become a reality.

What will you choose to get here?