Many of the issues and challenges you face are a result of the patterns and programs you have created in your thinking, and these patterns are responsible for the feelings and behaviours that you now experience on a daily basis

They may be as a result of a specific event in your life, or may have developed over several years from many events and experiences, and with the right resources, they are quite simple to change.

The resources here are a result of working with many clients over several years to help them change their thoughts and behaviours and have been specifically designed to help you get similar results on your own, at your pace, in your own home.

Understand where you are in life, and why you are there

Release emotions that are keeping you stuck to past events

Remove anger or blame that you might have toward others or yourself

Begin to get good, rejuvenating sleep each night….free from the nightmares

Learn how to eliminate and reprogram the thoughts that are stealing your happiness

Discover how to build a future free of the pain you have lived…a future with happiness 

Starting with the eBook and series of hypnotic audios to begin working with your Unconscious Mind, you will begin removing the emotions and feelings that are causing you pain, and will help condition your Unconscious Mind to making changes.

Following these, you will move into the two progams to provide you with powerful tools to reprogram your thinking and to help you move forward.

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This is awesome.

My thoughts have changed in as little as a week. I’m just not having feelings about what my past has dealt me.

I have not slept 8 hours straight in over 13 years!!! I feel totally refreshed this morning!!! Normally I sleep no more than 5 hours straight and then fight to go back to sleand wake up totally exhausted. So I’m going to be doing this nightly for a long time to come…. Thank you Kelly and Hamish.”

Suzie, USA


Begin To Choose Change

How To Choose A Life Free From PTSD, Depression & Anxiety

This book is the starting point that will help you discover the awareness of exactly where you are in life…..This is the crucial first step that needs to be taken if you want to create real change.

The exercises will take you through the steps of how to create a mindset that will allow you to make the changes you desire.

When I was first figuring this stuff out, I ran into some pretty big roadblocks in my thinking and I created these steps to get me past them.

 Value: $47.00


Clear Unconscious Emotions

Heal Your Past….. Many, if not all of the symptoms you experience are caused by the emotions that are connected to past events….and as long as these emotions remain, then so will the symptoms. This hypnotic audio will guide you to the events that cause these emotions and will help you release them allowing you to no longer have the emotional connection.

Forgiveness….Your journey through life connects you with many people…, children and teachers at school, work colleagues, and many others…..with some you have good happy relationships, and with others you don’t, and from these you can create feelings of anger and blame…..not only toward others, but also toward yourself…..this hypnotic audio will help you to release these feelings allow you to move forward. .

Improve Your Sleep…..Lack of good sleep can enormously compound the effects of PTSD, Depression an Anxiety…..not being able to get to sleep…..or waking through the night from panic attacks…..just keeps feeding the cycle of suffering. Playing this audio when you lay down at night will not only help you calmly get to sleep, it will also help you get a long, rejuvenating sleep that will have you waking refreshed and focused. Many people who have only had a few hours sleep each night for years are now sleeping regularly for 6 to 8 hours every night.

This audio also comes with a workbook that will take you through a 10 point checklist to give your sleep environment a total overhaul in areas including…..lights and sounds, temperature, having devices on, how foods, fluids, and exercise impact your sleep, and more.

Understanding The Brain

Discover how the physical brain works…… and get a clear understanding of how it can impact mental health issues and how chemical compositions play their part in this

Audio Pack Value: $447.00

If you want to make a difference to your quality of life, you need this.

My sleep has been incredible since listening to this at night. Last night I slept for 9 hrs and I never do this. I feel great during the day because I get the proper sleep I need. I fall asleep immediately now, usually takes an hour or so for me to fall asleep. Love this sleep audio. Thank you Kelly & Hamish.
Sally, Canada


Reprogram Your Thinking

Break Free Program

Consists of 6 recorded modules that will guide you step by step to help reduce, or even remove, your symptoms. These modules use the exact same NLP tools I use to coach my clients.

Module 1: Understanding Your Mind….will give you a deeper understanding of how the unconscious mind works and how it controls over 90% of everything you do.  

Module 2: Removing The Triggers will take you through a process that will help you remove the triggers that keep driving your symptoms

Module 3: Creating Positive Anchors….. Our brain uses anchors in many situations to help us, remind us and trigger past thoughts or memories. This can be both positive and negative. For example, the smell of fresh buttered popcorn makes you think of what?…….  The movie theatre! Or the sound of a beautiful piece of music a loved one used to play may remind you of them. We can use the brains process of anchoring to our advantage, anchoring states of strength, calm, patience or any other resourceful state you would like to be able to call on when needed.

Module 4: Visual Disassociation….. an exceptionally powerful tool you can use yourself to release the emotional connection to a memory. We will take you through a basic understanding on how it works, then show you how to do a visual disassociation on events which may be triggers or difficult memories for you. Not removing the memory, but freeing yourself from the negative effects of the memory

Module 5: Swish Pattern is another technique you are going to learn which you can use in many different situations. The Swish pattern is a classic NLP tool which will become a part of your tool kit to help you shift phobias, anxiety, increase energy and many other uses. You will learn the basic understanding of it, and how to use it on yourself.

Module 6: Fast Belief Change…..Imagine if you could remove negative beliefs and replace them with more empowering beliefs every time they showed up in your thinking. With this process we will give you the understanding on how the brain represents a belief using what’s called sub modalities, and then show you a fast way of creating a belief change which you can do for yourself

All these tools are those that I use with my clients….and we are going to teach you what they do, and exactly how to use them to remove your own symptoms

These resources will work for anyone living with PTSD, Depression or Anxiety and who are committed to making changes 

Value: $2297.00

(Note: We are curently in the process of updating this program, and the Modules will become available shortly as soon as they are complete)

Create Your Future Program

This 21 module Create Your Future program is going to help you do just that….create a future that you want

From visualization…to goal setting these video modules will help you design and create the life you desire and show you how to create the actions and habits you will need to pave the way

Many of the modules have downloadable worksheets that we help you to work through so you have a solid structure and map of what you will need to do to achieve the goals you set.

Create Your Future includes:


Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: How To Best Do This Course

Module 3: Your Successful Outcomes

Module 4: Your Agreement To Rise

Module 5: Know Your Outcome

Module 6: 9 Steps To Empowering Learning

Module 7: understanding Your Unconscious Mind

Module 8: Twenty Year Vision Activity

Module 9: Twenty Year Vision Induction 1

Module 10: Twenty Year Vision Induction 2

Module 11: An Attitude Of Gratitude

Module 12: Release Your Dreams

Module 13: What Is Your Thermostat Setting

Module 14: One Year Goals

Module 15: Habits Are The Keys

Module 16: 5 To 10 Year Goals

Module 17: Draw Your Dreams

Module 18: Visualise What You Want

Module 19: You Are Not Alone

Module 20: Moving Forward

Value: $1997.00

I had a good night sleep.

My boyfriend has been also listening to them and he struggles to sleep from ADHD and had the best night sleep he has had in years! 
So I really can’t thank you enough!! 
The part I like the most on the sleep audio is how it manages to relax your body just by following the simple instructions. If it weren’t for your audios I would more than likely be crying and screaming right now.
Faye, UK


When you purchase this package, you will also get the following support:

Closed Facebook Mentoring Group

You will get 1 Month access to our Thought Hackers Mentoring & Support Group where you will be connected with other members who are going through the same journey. Their understanding of what you experience will allow them to be able to share with you  and support you. You will also have 24/7 access to the skilled and qualified NLP Trainers in the group who will be there to mentor and guide you to get the best from these resouces.

This is a lifetime journey of change, and after the first month, you can continue to get this Mentoring and support for as long as you like for only $17.00 per month

When you purchase, you will be set up for monthly payments after the first month.

If you feel you no longer need this support after the first month, you can simply cancel the membership payment and leave the group.


You are covered by our 60 day money back guarantee

If for any reason there has been absolutely no change in your symptoms and the way you feel….then just let me know and I will refund your investment.


I would also like to know a couple of things….What DIDN’T work for you…And what DID work for you…so I can make any necessary changes to help others.


Toward Your Happiness

This entire package is valued at $4788.00

But you can start your daily journey to symptom free happiness TODAY for

ONLY $97.00

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