Some say your unconscious mind controls up to 80% or your every day life. Not only your breathing and heart beating, but your habits, your thought pattens, your belief systems and your values. The way we react or respond to things, feelings, urges, addictions, anxieties, conflicts and concepts.
The other 20%, the conscious mind, is where we find the things we are aware of, in part, our thoughts, feelings, sensations and memories. It is our ‘awareness’ of these things that bring it to our ‘consciousness’.

This part of the mind has the ability to accept or reject thoughts and ideas.

As much as we like to think we have ‘conscious’ control of these thoughts and our accepting or rejecting of ideas, even this process is largely controlled by the values and belief systems that sit within our unconscious.

Understanding this with our conscious mind can allow us to make ‘informed’ decisions. Decisions on how far we ‘choose’ to unravel the mystery of our own unconsciousness.
The unconscious mind, has no ability to decide or differentiate, it accepts obediently what is turned over to it, be it good, bad, healthy or unhealthy. As our conscious mind is largely intertwined with our unconscious, we often find ourselves in repetitive cycles.

We take an X type idea, it becomes an X type thought and it brings about an X type behaviour – a habit. But what if we recognised that X type behaviour didn’t serve us well, that it wasn’t good for us? What if we thought of a Y type idea… a positive, more productive idea?
We attempt to turn this new Y type idea over to our unconscious, but it conflicts with our X type, well established habits! We look around us and we still see X type results. This can create an uncomfortable feeling and our unconscious mind, either with our without our conscious awareness, will do what it can to bring us back to our known X type patterns (also known as psycho cybernetics).

But what if there was a way to bypass the conscious mind?

What if we could just go directly to the unconscious mind and change the X type processes that are bringing about the unwanted X type results?

With NLP, as the name suggests, it is using the language of the brain to reprogram theunconscious quickly and immediately with the new desired thought processes. There are tools and techniques which have been developed and refined over many years with a deep understanding of how the unconscious mind works. These tools can be instrumental in bringing to your life the positive results you have been striving for, but have until now, struggled to achieve.