Here you will find information on the FTRM 3 Stage program

FTRM – Trauma Removal Method


First and foremost, when we begin, we want to ensure you are in a place you feel safe. Not only in working with us, but also within yourself, exactly where you are now. Safe from the past and safe from the future.

Removing and resolving past issues won’t happen until you are feeling comfortable and safe, and equally, you won’t be able to move forward and build something new until you feel comfortable and safe with what can be ahead.

To start, we discover how you are feeling at that moment and find out what your biggest challenges and issues are, and that will allow us to then move into the 3 Stages of FTRM.

The FTRM Process


-3 Sessions with your Practitioner are generally done over Skype, or in person if convenient. These 3 sessions will cover 1 stage in each session and are approximately 1 to 1.5 hours in duration with all 3 being completed over a 2 to 3 week period.

– You will be given access to tools that will help you continue from the 3 Stages, and in the sessions, you will be taught how to use these tools.

– Support is vital for moving forward, so following the 3 Stages, you will continue to have support from us via email and an online support group that will include those who have worked through FTRM, and our Practitioners. This is an invitation only group.

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The 3 Stages


Stage 1 is to break the cycle – Hypnotically connecting with your Unconscious Mind, we will guide you to the Root Cause(s) of the trauma where together, we can disconnect the emotions that have been attached to the event and are essentially driving the thinking that is causing your suffering. This is a quick process that does not reignite any pain or suffering, and when it is done you will instantly feel the trauma gone.

Stage 2 is to reprogram – With the negative emotions and the programs that were connected to the trauma now gone, this Stage will establish new and more positive programs and beliefs. Why Beliefs? Because the place you have been stuck living with these emotions will have created certain beliefs about yourself and the world around you. Beliefs that have been contributing to your pain.

You will be taught a very powerful tool that will help you identify any beliefs that are no longer working for you and find those that will, and then change them within yourself. This is a process you will be able to use whenever you need it.

Stage 3 is managing thoughts – You face things every day that cause you to react in a way that will alter your feelings, your moods, your state. Some would call these the triggers.

This Stage will teach you another tool that will enable you to be more resourceful when these moments occur and allow you to change your mood, your state swiftly. Again, this you will always have when you need it.

Resources & Support


Following these keys stages, you will be ready to begin your journey forward with no attachment to the trauma. Those who have used this process say they have no real recollection of what it was like living with PTSD.

To make these changes and to move forward you will be supported by us in the following way:

1/ You will have email access to your Practitioner to help you stay on your path.

2/ You will be invited into our online group of those who have been through the FTRM program. By communicating with others on the same journey you will not only get very safe and friendly support, but you will also be supporting others. In this group will be our Practitioners who will join in the discussions.

3/ Full access to our Client Site and the following resources:

For Information On How To Enrol Into The FTRM Program