When you think of what you are passionate about, what comes to mind?

It may be chocolate, football, fishing, cooking, or many other similar things.

But what about a truly meaningful passion? Something that really ignites you at your core.

1/ What Am I Really Passionate About?

When you think about passion in a global context, a context of making a difference to others, and more so to our planet, what is it? What would you do if there was nothing holding you back, or getting in your way? If money was no concern, and the judgement of others was totally irrelevant.

This is what drives individuals to their greatness.

2/ How Can My Passion Help Others?

If you came up with a compelling answer above, then what could you do with it to add value to, and benefit the lives of others? You may get involved in volunteer work within your local community. Or maybe join a National or International movement in human rights, animal protection or landcare.

3/ Can I Create Something From My Passion?

Is your passion something you can turn into a business? If your ‘Why’ was driven by your passion, and the value you gave to others was something they knew they must have, then what could be your potential?  Think of what it is you are passionate about, and picture yourself 1 year, 5 years, or even 10 years from now having successfully achieved what you have built around it. What would you need to do to achieve it? What is the one thing you would need to do to start?

4/ What Legacy Can I Leave

One of the biggest impacts we can have from our time on this planet is to leave a legacy to others to continue to benefit from when we are gone. This could simply be something we have gifted to our children, or some considerable change we have made to society or the world. Whatever it is, it will be a result of your passion and what you have done with it.

An example I would like to share, is that of a friend of mine whose passion is to have a World with no war. Yep, this is huge. Is it possible? I believe so, and so does he. And that is why he is taking action to make it real. He will most likely not see the goal achieved in his lifetime, but he can certainly create a compelling message, and build up enough momentum with like minded people whom he can leave it to when he is gone. Please feel free to look at his passion and vision here.