Do you have ‘those things’ that must get done each day, but when you think about them you just keep putting them off?

Maybe they overwhelm you and you don’t know where to start with it. Maybe you just don’t like what it is or how to do it. You may even be afraid of not doing it right.

Ask yourself, “What will happen if I take action and complete the task?”. And equally, “What will happen if I don’t complete it?”.

If you have your own business, not getting these things done could be the difference between your success and your failure.

So how do you overcome the barriers, and jump those hurdles to get them done?

1/ Know What It Is You Need To Complete

It may be a ‘Cold Call’ to a prospective client, or introducing yourself to a whole new market. Maybe it is a follow up call with a client you have not been wanting to do, or you may be in a position where you have to terminate an employee.

All these things can bring fear, and that will often detour you away from getting it done, and your internal conversations will keep the detour signs coming.

Be clear of the task….exactly how it needs to be executed….and the results you will get when it is done.

2/ Plan It Into Your Day

When you go to bed, plan your next day.

Picture your day being exactly as you want it to be. It may include ‘that’ phone call you have kept putting off because you have been unsure of the outcome. Picture the outcome you DO WANT. If you focus on what you don’t want, then what do you think you will get?

See yourself getting the task done, with the result you want, and how good the rest of the day is around it.

3/ Do It First….No Excuses

If this task is the worst thing you need to do all day, then DO IT FIRST. And guess what, everything else throughout your day is going to be easier and more enjoyable.

When you plan this the night before, be totally committed to doing it….100% committed. You will feel more empowered and motivated to step straight into it.

If you are 99% or less, then you will make excuses and not do it. “Maybe I will do it after a coffee and Facebook!”. If you start this language….it won’t stop.

So NO EXCUSES….Just Do It..!

4/ Now Repeat

Every day is going to bring with it ‘The worst thing I have to do today’. So, know what is going to be, plan it into your next day, and do it first.

Keep doing this for a few weeks and it will become a habit.

Sometimes, you won’t get the results you picture, and that is ok. It is not failure, it is a learning…..Failure is listening to your fears, and taking no action at all.

But you will get many results that get the outcomes you want, and that is what is going to grow yourself and your business.